Secure shelf space for
your food startup now
with customer feedback 2.0

Enable customers' feedback at the moment they use your product

Feedback is important, as it helps identify what your customers need and want from your product. While online products can easily be rated through a link or follow-up email, offline product feedback possibilities are limited. We bridge offline and online through dynamic QR codes on packaging – so that the customer may instantly rate your product while in use, and you may adapt your questions at any time. It’s a fact: loyal repeat customers are the best: so hear the voice of the customer for your private use – before other media.

Use the advantages of data-driven product development

The ability to collect feedback for physical products along the customer journey has many advantages, such as enabling a better product-market fit, spotting early warnings and guiding better business decisions. In addition, you can ask your customers not only to rate certain characteristics of your product, but also to evaluate new concepts, ideas or solutions. Active participation in the development of the product makes customers more engaged and loyal to the brand, increases overall satisfaction, and helps you develop exactly the product they want to buy.



Spot new trends before others do

Positive feedback is great, but unhappy customers are a great source of information, too. Feedback analysis will not only help you spot possible issues earlier, but also give you new ideas about product modification. Furthermore, collected and sorted data is a great asset for pitching to an investor or business angel. Our experience shows not only success stories, but also new ways to move forward.


Efficiently share your ideas and vision

With you will get not only a reliable feedback channel for post-sale customer experience, but also a channel for communicating your ideas and sharing your vision. After completing the feedback survey, the customers may be redirected to your webpage, online shop or even a game. In addition, if a  product has to be recalled, a warning can be posted so that customers are better informed – and know that you care.


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